SR&ED Tax Court

CRA visited you, things didn’t go well, and you’ve also lost your appeal that was either written in-house, or by an accountant, or another consulting firm.

Let Bond take a look and see if your case could be settled through the Tax Court of Canada.

CRA settles a large number of SR&ED Disputes privately.

Whereas CRA has presided over and administered your audit and appeal, the next step is to face the judge who only needs to determine if your work met the definition of SR&ED “on the balance of probabilities” 51%. Simply put, your chances just improved greatly.

We will assign an SR&ED Analyst to your case, plus the Evidence Manager. Our President, an SR&ED Subject Matter Expert, gets involved in all SR&ED Rescues.

Bond has partnered with an excellent Tax Litigator, and together we will work towards SR&ED victory.

Contact us today. 416 503 4607 or 1 888 SRED-007 or

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